Who We Are

Empower Workforce is a wholly owned and operated Australian recruitment and human resource consulting company, recognised and respected in the recruitment industry.

Empower Workforce has over 45 years cumulative experience in onshore/ offshore recruiting and human resource consulting. Responding to business community demands for a high level of recruitment and human resource services. Empower Workforce are now ready to partner with your business.

Empower Workforce consistently provide their clients and candidates with tailored and professional services, improving productivity, profitability and well-being, on both a corporate and personal level.

Delivering Quality Results

Empower Workforce is committed to building a partnership based on behavioural profiling of your business, understanding of your organisation's philosophies, objectives, culture and operations. It is this very approach that has led to the development and implementation of consistent and cost-effective methodologies to achieve the most appropriate candidate, matching client expectations by:

  • Finding the right candidate
  • Assessing candidate suitability
  • Managing the placement of successful candidates

Strategic Partnerships = Broad reach

Empower Workforce Solutions national and international presence has been established through a broad network of strategic alliances with leading recruitment partners throughout Australia and abroad, extending its reach to potential candidates well beyond Australia.

Empower Workforce Solutions

Why Recruitment Agency ?

The idea for setting up a recruitment agency was born from our experience over the years with numerous employment agencies
with whom we dealt with during our own search for work. The lack of feedback and timely communication from the agency lead to wasted time and opportunities and added stress to an already stressful situation. Whether you are applying for your first job or returning to the workforce or looking for better opportunities or changing your field, having a reliable agency support to assist you, makes your job hunt that much easier.

who we are

Company Profile

Empower Workforce Solutions is a wholly owned and operated Australian recruitment and human resource consulting company, recognised and respected in the recruitment industry.

" We will focus on continuous improvement and consistently provide professional service. Keeping it simple, honest and providing customers with a great experience is what we will achieve "
Our business model will also ensure that all candidates who apply for positions receive timely communication and feedback. We understand and value the effort that candidates put in when seeking employment and we want to give you feedback, so you know where you stand with your application.

As an agency, we want to ensure that if a candidate is not successful with a position, they are given feedback which will enable them to update, upskill and prepare themselves for the future.

We are a business, but our business is about ensuring we maintain our human touch more than our profit margin.